06 July 2009

Mall Adventure: SM Taytay

Tired of the usual nearby malls in Manila, Style and Relax decided to hop in the ride and travel to SM Taytay. The mall is fairly new, it had two buildings which was connected by an airconditioned bridge way that reminds one of Startrek movies.

I was expecting a provincial looking mall but the layout is really impressive, there are coffee shops like Starbucks which offered al fresco dining and my favorite boutiques are also present. The climate in Taytay is cooler and not humid, the place offered an urban mall experience but in a more relaxed environment. Less cars, and less busy shoppers walking around.

Jayson, SM Taytay and Marikina's marketing maven toured me and my companion around the mall. He is planning lots of activities and events for the coming months which are all very exciting. SM Taytay has their own event center that can hold exhibits, conventions, parties, what have you.

Somehow, this branch of SM made me feel very relaxed and excited at the same time. There are new stores and restaurants that are bound to open and I can't wait to go back to have another adventure. Familiar shops and diners have also reinvented their look for a more stylish mall experience.

Must visit and try at SM Taytay:

Bake and Churn's Ice Cream Cake - they now have a dining area that will let you enjoy their sinful desserts right away!

Manoy Bicol - soon to open, we are excited to taste the spicy flavors of Bicol. I hope they will serve my favorite dish called Laing.

Dunkin Donuts - who will ever miss their colorful spot at SM Taytay? With these colorful umbrellas and bright array of donuts, you'll feel like a child again with your favorite pasalubong to receive.

Next stop is SM Marikina which I also haven't visited, we just can't have enough SM malls!