16 July 2009

Top Chefs meet Corned Beef

Flamenco Maki by Chef Eugene

Corned beef are a staple in the kitchen, all you need is a can opener and your protein enriched meal is ready. As a former muscle builder, I used to eat a single serve can of corned beef with one cup of rice for lunch on a daily basis. Corned beef is a great source of protein, zinc, and iron.

Farmer's Lattic Omelet Corned Beef Wasabe

At the recent Argentina Corned Beef Chef Series, three top chefs showed off their skills on how they have their corned beef. Maybe these creations would inspire you to channel Martha Stewart in preparing these as Hors d'Oeuvres in your next party.

Argentina Cheese and Mushroom Penne

My favorite is the pasta creation of Chef Eugene whilst the Apple dish of Chef Sam reminded me of Australia, where apples are abundant.

Rosti and Apple Stack Corned Beef with Apple Vinaigretee Dressing

Nutritionist Dra. Zen was present to address health questions such as sodium content per can of Argentina Corned Beef. Too much Sodium is not healthy and to remedy these concerns, Argentina Corned Beef launch their Lite variant. It has the same amount of protein but with less calories and sodium. I would prefer this over any other variant.

Wanting to get a free advice from a nutritionist, I ambushed Dra. Zen and ask her what is the best way to lose weight. One advice she shared is on managing stress levels which contributes to fat retention. Now that is something new.

I guess I won't be having a shortage of protein now with all these corned beef from Argentina. Thank you!