26 July 2009

Glutathione? Eat Watermelon!

This week, I received an e-mail about how fruits should be eaten and that is, with an empty stomach. While researching if there is any truth about this, I bumped upon information about watermelons. Who would have known that watermelons pack a great amount of glutathione compared to any other fruits?

Glutathione has gained popularity ever since celebrities started taking them for a clearer and whiter complexion. Today, they are widely available in drugstores but these pills don't come cheap. Glutathione is also available as injectables from dermatologists which costs around Php 2,500 per shot. From the two methods - oral vs. injection, the preferred is injectable glutathione.

However, the BEST and sure way to produce glutathione inside your body naturally is by munching on refreshing watermelons! Not only do watermelons cost cheaper but they also have more benefits that come for free.

No wonder I see Koreans (with super smooth skin) in telenovelas munching on half a watermelon and simply scooping out the fruit with a spoon. Watermelons also contain Alkaline Water which is all the rage these days. Alkaline water removes toxins and acidity from the body. Some say it also reduces food cravings that leads to weight loss.

Aside from glutathione and alkaline water, watermelon is also rich in beta carotene, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin B. Personally, I am surpised at how much we can get from watermelons as I reckon it is only made up of water. From now on, next to bananas - let's add watermelons in our fruits baskets!

With regards to eating fruits with an empty stomach to reap the benefits of fruits, I personally think this holds true. Read more about it here: Eat fruits on an empty stomach