24 July 2009

Style Scene: Fitness First's New You Achievemenent Awards

Held at the Embassy Supper Club, 15 fitness enthusiasts shared their inspiring success stories at the Fitness First's New You Achievement Awards. The night was filled with ooh's and ahhh's as each before and after photos were shown. If you watch the Biggest Loser, the event was almost a live version of that, only more inspiring. Although everyone was a winner in their own right (anyone who manages to lose weight is a winner!), only one emerged as the 2009 Fitness First New You Achievement Awards Grand Winner.

Meet Angelica Balatbat who had a major thyroid problem but after just 9 months of training at Fitness First, lost 45 pounds!

L-R: Ilac Diaz, Fitness First Country Manager, Mark Ellis and Rich Hudson

Celebrating with the winners are the head honchos of Fitness First, celebrities, and more VIPs.

Senator Freddie Web and Pinky Amador

Everyone who were in attendance were strongly inspired that night and I bet, more people would be starting a program at Fitness First - me included. Personally, I believe how weight loss can be life changing and is definitely worth every ounce of determination and sweat :)

See you at Fitness First!