04 June 2011

Be a Modess Angel and WIN-WIN

Who knows girls better than Modess, yes that brand who has given us that pair of special "wings" to let us enjoy life carefree. If you are unaware, Modess has its own community of girls that empower each other to make a huge positive impact in the society.

The first 1,000 Modess Angels were rewarded with a pair of statement tees from Tomato. You can still join the community, LIKE Modess Angels on Facebook because other than community projects, there are more engaging promotions for you.

Modess Angels is a gathering of women giving comfort to other women who need care and support. It is a community of sisterhood, sharing, fun and love.

Check them out today and do something for you and your bestfriend/sister, you may just win a pair of iPads for both of you to enjoy :)