28 June 2011

Food adventure at Venice Piazza | McKinley Hill

My family and I can't help but drool whenever food is featured on TV. Actually, it's the only thing that we all agree on. And when we saw this feature about the Food Adventure in McKinley Hill at The Fort - the room was filled with ooh's and aah's.

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So I am not letting this pass me by, especially when it happens on weekends. It's a good excuse to go out plus, experience something exciting with friends or family. Great food events like these are hard to come by.

I have my eyes on the exotic food like fried frogs but they might be extinct soon so no, but maybe fried baluts and the sweet desert egg-che-flan. You have to buy a food adventure passport worth Php 500 + to try samplers inside the restaurants. But as seen in the video, there are stalls that you can buy food from as you wish. No passport required.

See above poster for more information on the happenings. The place is spacious and if you are bringing kids then that's a plus. Don't you think this is also a perfect place to have a romantic delicious date?

See you all there!