24 June 2011

Shopping: SM Accessories RED SALE

Have you experienced any of SM's RED SALES? If not then here's your chance to join the shopping mayhem.

The SM Accessories RED SALE is happening today at the upper ground floor of SM Manila until June 26. Fashionable items for men and ladies are up to 50% off and as low as P50. If you're looking for accessories that fit your style and budget, then don't miss out on SM Accessories' RED SALE!

I have an exclusive peak of items to look out for:

Bangles and cutesy headbands for you and your little sisters :)

Purses and scarves

And don't forget statement pieces that are budget friendly.

A word of advice, browse the latest copy of your favorite fashion mag to find out what are the latest trends in accessories and how to wear them. Choose accessories that have the most drama or, the most versatile pieces if you are on a budget.

Enjoy shopping and don't forget your green bags :)