13 February 2012

Beauty: There can be Miracles - Looking 10 years younger with Pond's

Whenever I hear the word "miracle" I think of the parting of the dead sea and hear Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston sing When You Believe. Then a week before I turn another year older, I heard someone say I can look 10 years younger. And the TV started to prophesize about it too.

I'm talking about Pond's Age Miracle which is not a really new product. In fact, I have not really paid attention until they started talking hardcore science during its re-launch. Some interesting keywords - stem cell regeneration and bio actives. Two words that landed three Pond's Age Miracle products on my beauty counter.

Pond's Age Miracle cleansing foam, day cream, and night cream.

Let me dive in straight to a quick review upon two days of usage. The cleansing foam is a grown-up version of the Pond's we are used to since high school. The scent, the texture, and the ingredients are sophisticated. The lather it forms is not as rich and bubbly, so instead of rubbing the product between your hands prior application - you're better off dotting your face with the product and work it from there. The after wash feel is not tight, skin feels quiet moisturized (like invisibly), and the scent lingers for hours. A treat if you ask me, in case someone gets close ;)

Next up, the Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream is a lighter version of the night cream. I find it is quick to be absorbed and has fantastic optics as if you are wearing light liquid foundation at home. You'll want to keep using it. Already, your face feels younger because of the product's texture - did I mention you'll want to keep using it? Though I find that because my skin is on the oily side, some products remain unabsorbed so what I do is to wipe my face after a few hours just to protect it from oiliness and possible clogs.

Last but not the least, Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream. It's not the best for oily skin but after using the two products I just couldn't help but dip my finger in it. I did wake up with a more supple look to my face but remember to just put on enough of it to avoid greasiness if your skin is like mine. I had a couple of emerging bumps that I believe was tamed by all three products and I may be only imagining this but I think impurities are significantly reduced.

I think it is about time that I believe in Miracles. I can't wait to look and feel 10 years younger on my birthday!

Do you use this product? Share your sentiments about it!