25 February 2012

Weekends at Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel is almost a legend in Tagaytay City. Many local tourists enjoy their famous view deck carpeted by green bermuda grass and adorned by flowers and plants. The hotel is also famous for the same picturesque Cafe at the Ridge where plenty of weekenders enjoy an al fresco breakfast buffet with a foggy view of the Taal Volcano.
Our Sunday morning view from the hotel room balcony

These are all great activities to enjoy until you discover the relaxed luxury and comfort of actually staying in the hotel for the weekend.
Customary hotel photo bomb by Ashton. My fancy hat is from SM Accessories - perfect for the birthday girl (me).

I stayed in Taal Vista's Premier Room that came with its private majestic view via the balcony.

As cozy as all the amenities are, the beds were really comfy soft and the cable TV menu was such a feat, nothing beats having a cup of tea at the balcony while enjoying the cool breeze of Tagaytay. After all, everyone comes here for the weather - something we don't normally enjoy.
View from the balcony, perfect place for some tea!
Horse riding park is walking distance from the hotel

Luckily, I was able to check-in as early as 1.15PM and prepare to roam around Tagaytay. We visited the diners of Summit Ridge, had pizza at Shakey's, and off to ride some horses.

We came back just the perfect time to carelessly enjoy Taal Vista Hotel's view deck and gardens. The greens were irresistible, my son and I enjoyed rolling up and down the slopes. This is also the perfect spot to snap excellent photos with natural lighting.

Of course, next up is dinner and I enjoyed a date at Taal Vista's Lobby Lounge. We chose a spot near the fireplace which was superb and perfect to calm down a day full of running, riding, and walking around. We ordered Tagaytay's specialities Bulalo and Kare-Kare. Sad to say I was disappointed with the serving time. I waited 45 minutes for my meal to arrive and I was getting frustrated and ready to leave.
Grab this romantic spot on your next dinner at Taal Vista Hotel

The waitress said they were packed with orders but I say they should let a customer know if something will take that long to prepare. Anyhow, I just swallowed the time wasted and the food was satisfactory.

Live piano music and a hotel singer were present ready to take on requests. The music was calming and sets a great romantic mood for diners.

Each accommodation of course goes with a breakfast buffet in the morning. This is priced at Php 600-700 (I forgot) and I note the choices are fair for the price. I enjoyed fresh greens, garlic rice (tiny bit), frittatas, sausages, coffee rubbed beef tapa, bacon, fresh brewed coffee, and fresh fruits like papaya and watermelon.

Other choices include arroz caldo which my son devoured with gusto and chicken adobo. Not really a long list but reasonable enough.

The weather outside was the most appetizing as we basked under the sun again and take photos. My mom and Ashton really enjoyed the morning sitting on the grass and posing for the camera.

We headed back to our room with stomachs filled to enjoy the last few hours and relax before checking out.
I forgot to check out the children's playroom, maybe soon when we return and stay a few more nights.

Taal Vista perhaps is the best place to stay in Tagaytay, it won't be as famous for nothing. The hotel is affordable and so are their restaurants. The weather and view of Tagaytay, no matter how many times I return always prove priceless - enjoying it with a luxurious room to boot was the best time I ever had in this city :)
We will definitely return in the summer.