23 February 2012

Memoirs of Tokyo Tokyo's Baa-gaa

I have a love/hate relationship with Tokyo Tokyo, I hate that their earlier menus which was more diversified disappeared after they decided to make Japanese food more accessible and less intimidating to every Juan - a lovable gesture nonetheless.

This time, Tokyo Tokyo brings authentic Japanese burgers (say baa-gaa) to the Philippines. Now everyone can enjoy affordable premium burgers:

Shogun Burger with crunchy onion rings, and premium beef patty with savory Tonkatsu sauce - start your baa gaa experience with this to introduce Japanese burgers to your tastebuds.

Shiitake Mushroom Burger with Teriyaki sauce and shiitake mushrooms - simply the best and most flavourful baa gaa on the menu.

Godzilla Burger with double premium beef burger patties, zesty Japanese mayo, and slices of cheddar cheese - oh wow.

You will love how these burgers feel light, taste different, and infuse Japanese flavors inside the dressing. Perfect for Japanese food lovers who want something different and more casual. I can easily see myself bringing a Shogun Burger to my next movie date. They should create Japanese-French fries too (I recommend wasabi flavor). Always awesome to have something different.
For me, I had great fun trying the Tokyo Tokyo burgers (and you'll have to wait for more "secret" flavors coming your way). Of course I couldn't resist not wearing something Japanese-inspired while learning to make some American Maki :)

And you can always host your own Japanese food party at home with their takeaways. Our personal top favorites are their Chicken Karaage, Beef Misono, and Pork Tonkatsu. Their California Maki is already a standard.

Here's from our lunch yesterday because everyone was still in party mode after my birthday.

Arigatou Gozaimasho Tokyo Tokyo!