06 February 2012

Sunday Brunch at The Marriott - Reinvented with Cru and a Chocolate Room!

How do you feel about a glass of Martini for brunch? Shocking! But that's how the new Sunday Brunch at The Marriott Hotel Manila becomes an interesting buffet brunch. M Cafe has piled up the selection with steaks and foie gras from CRU - The Marriott's signature steakhouse opens it's elusive doors to brunch diners every Sunday.

At Php 2,000 you can enjoy 14 food stations managed by over 30 chefs on the dining stage. That includes dear pastry chef responsible for the "secret" chocolate room which makes this brunch buffet a must this Valentine month.

You guessed it, I've tried and "tasted" this special buffet that happens every Sunday. Executive Chef Meik Brammer personally toured us around - I've been to The Marriott several times and have grown very familiar with this guy.

Let me present these photos from the chocolate room.

A chocolate tree bearing macarons as fruits.

A human chocolate chef - as in, she is alive.

A centrale chocolate fountain to dip fresh fruits in. Dragon fruit, papaya, kiwi, grapes, etc.

Oh sweet valentine cakes

Cakes, cookies, and more chocolates.

Hansel & Gretel will be jealous - Chocolate blocks & pieces on a chocolate table

Ahh the amount of chocolates is at the risk of being more intoxicating than the Bloody Mary! Their buffet includes drinks so I ordered for a cup of Green Tea to go with my sweets.

US ribeye begging for some gravy action

Get ready now carnivores as I present photos of steak, foie gras, fish, and more meat than you can imagine.

Lamb leg fit for a king

Say foie gras all you can

Two chefs searing my duck livers

I delighted in sinful foie gras which easily makes the Php 2,000 buffet fee worth it. Then some strip loin steak, and grilled fish. If you're becoming guilty of the cholesterol, worry not as they have equally generous options of grilled vegetables. I enjoyed beats, carrots, artichokes, asparagus, and more.

And this... my super protein plate - Ive eaten up the roasted pumpkins long before the shot

I've featured The Marriott's Japanese station before but it's worth another mention for the unlimited number of salmon sashimi I can have. Again, this makes 2,000 bucks super worth it - by now I should have eaten worth 5,000 pesos of dishes.

Before I forget, a majestic roasted pork or lechon made it's presence known. If I were not trying to eat healthier, I would have poured sauce on hot steaming rice topped with this lechon's crispy skin. I ate a block of meat and a strip of its crispy sinful skin. Delicious!

This brunch is highly recommended in celebration of V-day! We'll definitely return as a couple and enjoy brunch here at The Marriott.

It's not everyday all these food choices get together in one luxurious spot. Anyone MUST visit The Marriott on a Sunday - perhaps this is the best Valentine's gift you can give your partner and give each other a faux pass on dieting.

Other food stations include the pasta, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Yakitori, ice cream, salad, bread, and Martini bar among many many others.

Be informed that food choices are rotated so items may vary but nonetheless, your Sunday and your budget is worth spending here! Brunch is from 11.30AM-3PM.