05 February 2012

Fitness: Wholegrain & Healthy Choices

At The Marriott today where I was having brunch with a few bloggers, my leaner face received welcome compliments. After a week of reducing rice and pumping up on fruits - I am surprised the difference is quick to be noticed. I am not new to healthy eating, I was a fitness nazi just a few years ago, ate healthy whole grains, went to the gym, and practiced yoga.

All thanks to this show I watched called "10 days to a new you", I remembered how a few healthy choices can make you look and feel better in 10 days or less - in my case, it was just 5 days.

So thanks to the nice words I received, I am more than ever committed to reclaiming the fitness nazi title. I went to Rustan's today and bought a few more items to keep me on track:

  • Wholegrain bread
  • Wholegrain pasta - in case I crave spaghetti
  • Tuna in water - to make wholegrain tuna sandwiches with
  • Jacob's Hi-Calcium Vegetable Cracker - a lot of celebs raving about it on Twitter, so I thought I'll give it a try
  • 2 kilos of Papaya fruit - Me and my son love eating fruits now, especially after meals and for snacks.
  • Salmon sashimi - for my Omega 3 needs, the good fat!

My partner says he'll run with me if I run every morning, the problem is I haven't gotten to buying a new pair of running shoes. Plus, I hate waking up too early - 6AM?! Although I was running way back in college, I dearly hope I get the drive to run again.