27 March 2009

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals - Tried and Tested

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals is now my preferred brand for powder foundation and you must try it! Previously, I was using Maybelline's Angel Fit powder foundation but for some reasons, my shade was not available and I just had to grab a replacement right away. I was not a fan of the Clear Smooth line since I tried their liquid foundation which did not sync the right way with my skin and I also tried their face powder which was not enough to cover the blemishes that I had before. But with the Clear Smooth Minerals product, now I am a believer.
Mineral make up is best for sensitive skin, it is very light weight and is made of pure ingredients free from preservatives, oils, and fragrance. Acne can be caused by make up and using mineral make up can lessen the instances of blemishes, black heads, clogged pores, and pimples. I have tried Bare Essentials mineral make up too but had to stop since it was too expensive for me at around Php 2,000 ++ and it was not available in department stores.

Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals is only Php 599 for 8grams, comparing with my Angel Fit foundation - Clear Smooth Minerals contains more powder and you only need a little dusting here and there for a smooth finish. The packaging also comes with a 100% natural Kabuki Brush. It also contains SPF or sun protection formula 25.

Clear Smooth Minerals aka Pure Minerals TVC starring Zhang Ziyi:

Based on my 2 months usage (it's very tipid to use) it is perfect for oily skin, looks great on photos, and has a super natural finish and feel - you yourself will wonder if you really are wearing any make up at all.

It also reads on the packaging that Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals is clinically proven:

- Safe for Sensitive Skin
- 36% Improvement on Skin Radiance
- 16% Improvement on Skin Smoothness
- 35% Improvement on Skin Tone

It's fairly difficult for any lady to find the perfect powder foundation but I highly recommend Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals for its natural smooth and light weight finish plus it's affordability and availability.