03 April 2009

Bio Essence Serenity Spa - Break Stress, Literally!

These days, who doesn't need a thoughtful massage? With rising stress levels, everyone needs to head to a spa for a well deserved relaxation. But more than just relaxation, massages can literally break stress built up inside the body.

At the Bio Essence Serenity Spa, I indulged myself to a Shiatsu massage and my attendant Brenda told me that I have "nodules" on the back of my neck, shoulders, and back. I asked her what nodules were and it turns out that these are the tender parts I can feel on my shoulders. Usually mistaken as swollen nerves, nodules are really toxins built up on lymph nodes because of STRESS. Old folks call them "lamig" and nodules are the same reason why a person feels stiff, heavy, with lots of muscle and back pains.

Inside the massage area, where relaxing piano music and eucalyptus scent are present, I had these nodules massaged and you can really feel them breaking down into pieces. I tried to feel my back and it was lighter, I could easily move my shoulders and almost feel my body say aahhhh~ Their Shiatsu massage includes facial and tummy massage too! :)

The Bio Essence Serenity Spa in Connecticut Ave. Greenhills is one of the most stress-free spas I have been to. Everything is clean, on time, and professional. Since it was my first time, I quietly inspected everything:

1. Towels are fresh not reused
2. Bed sheets are clean as well as the pillows
3. Massage beds have clean head holes covered with fresh cottony sheet for comfort
4. Lockers are secure with key, located near the massage bed
5. Rubber slippers, robes, and shorts are provided
6. Comfort room is in the same massage area where a full length vanity mirror is available for fixing yourself up after your massage.
7. Different shower rooms for men and women

What I like most is that they know what a "dry massage" is and they actually have a procedure for it. For people with sensitive skin like me, massage oils can easily clog the skin so we have to opt for a dry massage. My attendant, Brenda used a clean towel on top of my skin and moved it around to the area being massaged. It was very hygienic and soothing at the same time.

The Shiatsu massage at Bio Essence costs Php 650, tips are not mandatory and you will never receive a mystery envelope after your session. Perfect! With only Php 650 you can also use their sauna and shower before your massage. They also serve refreshments before and after your treatment. Hot tea is recommended to effectively flush out the toxins from the body.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself a break and head for an affordable but enjoyable massage at Bio Essence. You can visit their website for their full list of services at