01 April 2009

Make Everyday a Friday - Relax with a Cocktail!

Relax, Friday's are always bound to come once a week and mark the start of a happy weekend, when you can rest and unwind from all the stress! Whether you are a student, office worker, or a freelancer - make everyday something worth celebrating. It will make you feel lighter and healthier but sometimes, we need a little help to boost us up. Good food and great company of friends or just anybody at all.

Or how about a refreshing mojito? Personally, it was my first time to drink a mojito because I am averse to alcohol. But on a Monday night, at TGI Friday's, I discovered a refreshing and relaxing drink that will make you go ahhhhh ~

Because of TGI Friday's A Week of Fridays promo, it's more affordable to celebrate at this fun-filled restaurant where you can leave your worries at the front door.

Or, if you would rather stay at home why don't you whip up something cold and refreshing? For this post, I experimented with a Blueberry Vodka Cruiser x Fresh Pineapple Juice on the rocks :) The StyleandRelax cocktail, cheers! You will end up with a luminescent glass like this:

Make sure to pour the Vodka Cruiser first before the Pineapple Juice, and watch the colors do their magic :) Now, don't you feel so much better? Cheers!