19 April 2009

Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Pizza & Tea Party!

First off, I would like to thank Greenwich for providing this extreme cheese pizza and tea party for, then our friends at Tough Jeans, Ipanema, and Stratworks for sponsoring all the fabulous prizes. I couldn't have done it without you guys :) And also, QTV and Andi Manzano for covering our parteeh.

We only had one mission and that is for fashion and beauty bloggers to meet casually, most of us met each other for the first time. What better way to start off a conversation but with hefty slices of pizzas in different flavors right?

In between bites, I invented games like the share your Toughest Fashion and Beauty story. The best story wins a pair of Tough Jeans! Inon was the first to spill his story about getting nervous asking celebs and models for a pose but fashion bloggers were beaten by a beauty blogger - Earthwho said her toughest fashion experience is everytime she buys a pair of shoes since her feet are real small. I had Andi Manzano of Qtube judge the contest and she related most with Earth's Tough story.

Then we were all served our lasagna, the best lasagna ever from Greenwich just before I drew winners for the Ipanema raffle draw. Male fashion bloggers won this time - Dhon and Khaz went home with 2,000 worth of GCs each from Ipanema.

Their winnings were worth celebrating with our common favorite - Ganache served with English Breakfast Tea. While all of us were munching talking about international and big time fashion bloggers, Ana gave Rochelle a makeover. Both of them won kikay goodies from our friends at Stratworks.

And our day won't be complete without a fashion pose, yes? So we left our inhibitions at the table and strutted our stuff in front of the camera. The best pose won a gift bag and it's Edelweiss of budgetshoppinggalore :D Her hair flip was the best.

We all had a blast and time went really fast. It was a pleasure meeting and gathering Filipino fashion and beauty bloggers. With all the activities, contests, and TV shoot - we went home exhausted but this experience is a memorable one. Now all we have to do is wait for our wacky scenes on TV! x.x