24 April 2009

Ukay Ukay in Australia? Oh Yes!

My sister Joni who's been living here forever in Melbourne, shared to me a little secret that will make a big difference on my trip. Ukay Ukays or thrift shops! Yes there are ukay ukays in Australia, particularly in Melbourne. They call it "recycled clothing". Here, you can find clothes for all occasions in Australian fashion. What a great little secret.

The shops have secondhand and even new designer clothes, shoes, toys, bags and even those lovely lady hats that are worn during the Melbourne Cup. Clothes including coats and shoes sell for less than AUD 10 or around Php 250.

Here is my haul for today:

A super sized loose butterfly cut blouse and a black coat

Boots for only AUD 9.00 or around Php 300

The recycled clothing store we went to helps charity, so all the shopping here is for a good cause. Allelujah. One has to be patient though as there are so many racks and piles of clothes to choose from, just like the usual ukays in Manila.