01 April 2009

Get yourself to Exercise - Belly Dance

Summer is the best season to be active, but honestly with the afternoon heat all we want to do is lie down and wait for the sun to fade. Hence, everybody needs all the motivation in the world - think of something fun to do wherein you can burn all those calories hiding behind our skin.

Why don't we try something new like....

Belly Dancing! These are the photos I took during the Fitness First Anniversary in Megamall. Belly dancers are so graceful, confident, and glowing. Not to mention the fabulous costume, didn't we all want to be like Princess Jasmine during our tween age? The show was enough to convince me to unearth my belly dancing instructional videos.

If you have extra money, it's best to enroll yourself in a belly dancing studio where mirrors are installed on the walls and you can see if you are getting all the moves right. Teachers are also present to correct, guide, and motivate you along the way.

On the other hand, there are lots of belly dancing videos in record bars. These you can do and follow in the comforts of your own home. Here are some tips to get the most of belly dancing at home.

1. Be sure that you have enough space to move around
2. Prepare all things that you might need (i.e. face towel, a glass of water)
3. It's best to practice belly dancing inside your own room where people cannot disturb you
4. If you are living with housemates, be clear with them that you are not to be disturbed or that they should not barge into your room
5. Always have the remote control within your reach should you need to pause

These tips are the same tips I follow whenever I practice yoga at home. It's hard to get ourselves moving and disturbances would only discourage us to continue exercising. Now grab yourself a Belly Dancing DVD and move it! :)