11 April 2009

Inspiration: Japanese Kimono Style

Yves Saint Laurent and Missoni from

Time to write about some fashion inspiration. I've always been fond of the Japanese Kimono - it radiates femininity, sensuality, smoothness, and silky movements. I was watching a special on the House of Natori at Lifestyle Network once, and began Googling about Japanese inspired dresses once again. I attempted to unearth my sister's Japanese Kimono costume and wear it with black skinny pants but the costume is somehow lost.

Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson - Kate Hudson's kimono drapes perfectly! But I wonder what that white tassel is for?

And Yumi Komagata, Shishio's wife in Rurouni Kenshin - whose Kimono I've always wanted and admired

Finally, a preview of my latest shopping find that is inspired by this fascination. I cannot wait to wear it and turn Japanese :)