08 April 2009

Remove Black and White Heads in 15 minutes!

If you are averse to facials with pricking involved, this one is for you -and your nose. Black and white heads usually crowd up the nose area, giving you a black dirty looking nose. It would range from small to huge ones that you just want to squeeze out but squeezing your own nose to clean it would just aggravate these little devils and turn them into zits or humongous pimples.

Here's the solution: Beauty Credit's Mud Pore Strips. I first heard about Beauty Credit in Badet's blog, where she featured the charcoal version. These are only available at Watson's in SM Mall of Asia but instead of the charcoal pore strips, the sales lady gave me Beauty Credit Mud Nose Pore Cleansing Patch. It's also black so I did not notice the mistake but anyway, it also worked.

The box is written in Korean which I don't understand but from the photos and numbers I deciphered the following steps:

1. Wet your nose, just use your finger and make it moist.
2. Apply the nose pore strip or patch and pat it lightly so it touches your skin. Most of all, so that all those dirt and black heads will be trapped into this sticky patch.
3. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes until the pore strip is dry.
4. Lift the pore strip upwards quickly.

Lo an behold, you'll be amazed at how much dirt and black heads have been collected by the pore strip. Since it's black, you can easily see how much it has collected - eeewww. After trying Beauty Credit's Pore Strip, I felt my nose was a lot cleaner. I could actually see unclogged pores and can imagine my skin breathing free - finally.

The Beauty Credit Mud Pore Patch costs Php 199 (7 pieces). It is located at Beauty Credit's own stall inside Watson's in Mall of Asia. Go to the make up section and you will find it. Good bye blackheads! :)