21 April 2009

Boarding Bag for a Traveling Fashionista

Hi readers! :) I've just finished packing "light" and I'll be in another continent soon. I'll update StyleandRelax as soon as I land. In the meantime, don't you find packing a challenging chore?

Traveling is one of life's best moment, Kodak moment perhaps. Clothes, accessories, and shoes make travel more fun and comfortable. A girl could only wish that her closet can come aboard and fly too. Originally, I was bringing 3 bags full of clothes but my mother frowned at them and pulled out this vintage Samsonite bag:

Samsonite Odyssey Boarding Bag

At first, it seems like a laptop bag but like a Transformer, it became a super spacious and big boarding bag. Lesson: don't judge a folded bag especially when it's made of real soft flexible expandable leather.

Since it's vintage but fresh out of the box (ironic), the bag had whitish dust/mold something. And my mom saves it again by bringing out her coach leather bag cleaner and moisturizer.

If you have an old leather bag and want to restore it to its sparkling new state, then these two bottles are your bestfriends. All you need is a clean cloth to wipe the cleaner first, then the moisturizer which makes the leather soft to the touch and shiny.

2 bags full of clothes fit into this Samsonite boarding bag like magic, although my mom is still frowning at the quantity of my clothes.

Stick around for more updates as Style and Relax traverses the world! Bonnets, gloves, scarves, knee high socks, and boots are coming your way :) Adieu ~