23 February 2011

Beauty: Add Luster to Your Hair in 30 Minutes

What's the difference between a celebrity and a normal human being? My sister and I agree that the answer is hair! Celebrities will never come out on screen with unkempt and dull-looking hair, unless their star is about to fade. Many want the same celebrity-like mane on top of their heads and here's one product I tried that can help many normal human beings like us to have head-turning tresses --- and in just 30 minutes:)


Before: Super long roots that are screaming for a haircut and color.

Demi-permanent hair color, this is the first time I heard about it as I prefer real permanent hair color. Though I heard how many heads Splash has transformed through their newest product, the Kolours Luster Demi-Permanent Hair Color. The transformation is not really about color but making the hair shine and come alive with natural looking tints suited for Filipina hair. In short, you can have hair that's full of luster and shine with this product.


With 30 minutes to spare, I gave Splash Luster a try with the help of Head Zone Salon's chief color expert, Monette. Kolours Luster comes in three delicious and natural looking shades, chestnut, mahogany, and brown. These shades can last up to 6 to 8 weeks which is good for women who always like a change of look but bad if you've already fallen in love with Luster. In that case, Kolours Luster are available in Watsons.

Monette and I decided to play with the Luster shades and used two colors, brown and mahogany. After 30 minutes she and her apprentice JM cut my hair as inspired by my new highlights. Monette gave me new fringes and layered ends that made me look a lot younger! Oh the elixir of youth!


After: My hair has a life of its own, maybe its own career even!

Everyone kept reminding me how Kolours Luster will not be very evident if not under the light or the sun. In my case, my new hair color shines at the right time. Like when I flip my hair and a beam of light falls on my tresses. I like the subtlety and natural effect it has but most especially how shinier and more alive my hair looks.


Thank you to Head Zone Salon, hair experts Monette (Shangrila Hotel's Yuko Yamashita) and JM (the cute blondie apprentice). With us in this photo is my friend Jennie who also had her hair Koloured :)

Depending on your hair, the coloring effect of this product will vary. I noticed some of my friends who used it had lighter hair colors after. You may want to try to leave on the product longer like what I do with other brands. Though, Kolours Luster is Amonia-Free and that means your hair won't stink after! Perfect for immediate make overs and for breastfeeding moms like me :)