09 February 2011

Sleeping Beauty: How to Maximize Sleep for Skin Rejuvenation

My housemates have been too lazy and tired to eat midnight snack while watching late night news on debt consolidation. In effect, I've been sleeping earlier and getting 8 hours of sleep the past few weeks. I noticed how my skin healed faster and had less bumps! :)

It now seems that our nighttime sleep cycles are not just biologically vital; they are also dermatologically restorative. Discoveries made by researchers on the chemistry and physiology of sleep show that there just might be no better time for the natural rejuvenation of our skin than when we’re in bed at night, peacefully dozing off.

And while sleep may easily be perceived as nothing more than a state of programmed inactivity, it is actually a dynamic peak period for beauty and renewal. It is particularly at the “deep sleep” stage of the nighttime sleep cycle –that the body does most of its dermatological wonders. Energy supplies are replenished, growth hormones are released, and body tissues and cells – including collagen, the naturally occurring proteins in our skin and connective tissues – are repaired, rebuilt, and rejuvenated.

Here are ways to Sleep Better and Wake up Beautiful:

Do not drink coffee at night. I initially thought coffee lulls me to sleep but then after skipping coffee on evenings, I am able to sleep earlier and longer.

Relax your mind, save thinking about credit card problems and debt consolidation for the next day (check out for your finances). Or, program your mind to stop thinking about work when you arrive home.

Take a warm bath just before bedtime to ease muscle tension and raise the body temperature to a level that induces sleep.

Eskinol Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream

Try antioxidant drinks – like natural pomegranate juice or organic teas – that help provide protection from free radical damage to the skin and other healthy cells.

Use soft pillows, wear an eye mask to block out light, and get a pair of skin-soft sleep socks: these increase the level of bedtime comfort and prevent sleep interruptions;

Practice aromatherapy, using essential oils that promote natural healing and relaxation

Avoid losing sleep or going late to bed. Lost sleep means lost time for skin renewal which in turn can lead to having dull skin in the morning and cause skin flare-ups.

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