01 February 2011

3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? I will! And even if you are not Chinese, it's a good way to gather friends and family! Here are some simple ideas on how to have a Kung Hei Fat Choi party at home.

1. Table Staples - tikoy, dumplings, fish, shrimps, and sweets. I got mine yesterday at Powerplant Mall where they are having a Chinese food fair. Just for fun, I think I'll use instant noodles (Lucky Me!) too.

2. Decorate - don't overdo this, I just want a Chinese lantern with a drawing of a boy and girl. Hopefully, this would make me and my husband get along more (lol)

3. Wave your wishes - I recently saw on TV how you can get these sticks with flowers on its end. There's a small envelope on it too, where you can insert your wish. Wave this on February 3 12AM towards the moon.

Some luck wouldn't hurt. I am going to check out another Feng Shui shop today at Shangrila Hotel. I did visit another one yesterday and had an unpleasant experience. I bet they had an unpleasant experience with me too! I am not giving up on Chinese New Year though ;)