11 February 2011

Beauty: Silk Peel better than Diamond Peel?

The past few days have been hectic and I wanted to give my skin a break. I went to the dermatologist to have my underarms and singit checked (read about underarm peeling and inguinal fold peeling). Both were doing fine, I could wear my sleeveless tops really soon! Bikini wise, I think I'd have to wait two more weeks.

getting ready for my silkpeel

My face is also reacting well to my old anti-acne skincare regimen but while I was waiting in the lounge, I read about Silk Peel and got curious. The doctor said it is nice to try and can help solve some acne scars that are still on my face. Procedure is done for 30 minutes, I said go go go.

In a matter of seconds I found myself lying on the table waiting for my Silk Peel. It started with cleansing via brushes that almost felt like a facial massage. After 10 minutes, the machine did its work. Silk Peel feels like Diamond Peel but the main difference is that silk peel has a solution and feels wet. It doesn't hurt unless it is pointed to active pimples (I had one on my cheek and chin). You will feel that your face is being vacuumed like a dirty carpet.

After 20 minutes, I am done. I inspected my face and it felt like the skin was more refined. Like inches of dead skin have been sucked out (including oil plugs). Active pimples look like they have surfaced. I had both active acne injected so they'd be gone the next day. (Now I no longer see them).

You cannot wash your face for 24 hours after the procedure. I woke up this morning with a really bright face! Since inches of dead skin are gone, I am sure my skin will respond better to my regimen. In my opinion, silk peel's effect is far more noticeable than a diamond peel. Although more expensive at around Php 2,200 - it's definitely worth it.

This procedure is perfect for people who hate facials with extractions like me. Although I think you cannot undergo a silk peel if your face is suffering from severe acne and is still bumpy. Read about the anti-acne skin regimen here.