08 February 2011

Tweetie de Leon's Beauty Secret (read my interview with our local version of Heidi Klum!)

Tweetie de Leon has been in the hotel for more than 8 hours. I just arrived yet Tweetie looked like she just woke up from a beauty rest. Yet I had no choice but be seated between two supermodel goddesses, Tweetie and Pond's Ambassador, Rissa Mananquil. Both look amazingly fresh and bright, it is hard to believe they are just humans telling me to start my dinner. Eating was my last agenda though. I have been itching to ask the Pond's Gold Radiance endorser if she really does use the product.

Tweetie graces the cover of Rogue Magazine this February

The mother of four told me her Pond's Gold Radiance morning and evening beauty routine in detail. She loves the facial foam which she says is a powerful cleanser that effectively removes traces of makeup. Followed by the day cream and the anti-aging serum.

Tweetie shares how she has been using Pond's cold cream as well to remove makeup especially after photo shoots and fashion shows. Asked if she felt any difference since she used Pond's Gold Radiance, Tweetie says her face became less bumpy and fine lines were diminished. I asked the supermodel if she ever had skin problems and she said Yes! I experienced acne in my 30's. Hard to believe but true, Tweetie even had her skin treated by a dermatologist to remedy her skin problems before.

Now in her 40's, Tweetie maintains her youthful and radiant skin through a healthy diet (with lots of water), exercise like playing squash with her beloved husband, and using Pond's.

Pond’s Gold Radiance is the first Pond’s product which has real gold micro particles. These gold micro particles is blended with Pond’s patented anti-aging ingredients which in harmony fights dullness and recaptures youthful radiance and gives instant glow to the skin. The gold micro particles used in Pond’s Gold Radiance is 99% real gold which has known good effects on skin. Gold as a natural mineral is known to give instant radiance to the skin while enhancing skin’s renewal process (replacing dead skin cells with new healthier ones) and skin elasticity (ability of the skin to go back to normal state once stretched).

She is also the cover girl of Metro Magazine February 2011

More than a pretty face (and Tweetie agrees that beauty is an investment!), our local version of Heidi Klum is also a jewelry designer. Sometimes, she also wish there are more hours than just 24 in a day but she loves her work and the many roles she play.

Asked about botox (yup I had the courage to ask), Tweetie rather age gracefully and naturally yet she has nothing against cosmetic procedures. That also gives us hope that with Pond's Gold Radiance, we won't need botox in the future.

We joked on how we should use Pond's Gold Radiance serum on our legs because it had a wonderful effect on facial skin. If I had a liter of this serum, I would do so! Do you want to try Pond's Gold Radiance?