24 March 2011

Fashion: Havaianas and the Matryoshka Design Principle

My sister Joni and I have always had a thing with Matryoshka dolls (also known as Babushka). When Gucci launched the Babushka laminated bag, older wicked sister had to have it. She did. I am more frugal but I appreciate Russian culture and the Matryoshka paradigm too.

Hence, these Havaianas Slim Matryoshka. oh-ha!

They are equally inspired by the mysterious dolls. But more than the inspiration, I always love Havaianas because I get away with them everytime. The brand is a license to wear tsinelas/ flipflops everywhere and anywhere, don't you think?

I remember in DLSU, we had a rule that you can wear tsinelas as long as they are worth P300 above. Okay don't get my diploma back, that could be one of those urban legends but I always hear it at Gate 2. I could wear these to school everywhere everyday, I have a two year old pair of Havaianas and it's boggling why it still looks brand new.

Lookie at the small Matryoshka doll embellishment, so lovely and cute :) Every girl deserves a pair!

With Russian inspired prints topped with a doll embellishment, the Matryoshka line will have everyone talking.

Mine also came with a real set of Matryoshka doll. FYI, the Matryoshka follows the principle of an onion. Notice how when you peel off the outer layer of an onion, a similar smaller onion is inside. Now you know.

Here is my 10 month old boy playing with the FREE doll <3

And my feet who have not tasted a pedicure for weeks look acceptable with Havaianas.

Get all dolled up this summer! ;)