01 November 2010

PLACES: Ecoliving Weekend at NUVALI

Ride this bus to Nuvali

Here's another road trip for you and your friends or family - head to Nuvali in Laguna for a one of a kind nature tripping. From Makati, it only took us an hour to reach Nuvali - the latest development of Ayala Land. Read: bird watching, man-made lake, boat riding, fish feeding, and Bonifacio High Street style of a resto hub.
The future EDSA

I did not expect Nuvali to be so huge, according to our guide this will be the new metro manila. We were actually passing through the future EDSA, 6 lanes of a road that was carved from the mountains. Although, everything will be finished in 40 years but with the pace of development, it could be much sooner than we think.

Let us wish Ayala Land will keep its promise of sustainable development. Because who better take care of the environment than private units and NGOs. They are working together with the Haribon Foundation to ensure that bird counts do not decrease. In fact, more species are being discovered in Nuvali.

Nuvali Bike

I am excited at the idea of two bus lanes which will be operated by Nuvali (same idea as The Fort bus which is ideal), one walking lane, and two bike lanes.

Bird Watching Point

First stop was the watch out point for birds. A tall nipa hut that is overlooking wide greenery can be climbed up together with your binoculars. Spot for a number of bird species or take photos of a rare sight of trees and shrubs, I heard this spot can even be rented out for events as long as they happen when the sun is up. Since the area is mountaneous, the atmosphere is cool and breezy. I wonder if you can setup a picnic here?

Before we headed to lunch, my husband and I checked out some houses including a "green" house where it is naturally cooler because of green technology implemented. This could be as simple as having the right number of windows, having double-sided walls which protects from heat, and having plants to naturally provide shade and fresh oxygen.

Couldn't help but play house.

There are many choices of residencial areas in Nuvali, each subdivision/village varies on land cuts and affordability. Whichever area you please, all the attractions are within your reach. According to our guide, bike trails will be plenty and that means fit family time. Though, you can also enjoy Nuvali without buying a property (like us).

Boat ride, around Php 30

And off we went to ride the boat on a man-made lake. This will be the same boat that will transport workers and residents of Nuvali to places they want to go to. It's also the same boat that will let you feed these guys:

Fish feed about Php 10

Fish feed is available, lots of hungry Japanese Cois! I can't wait to let Ashton experience this for himself. These days, we can't hardly connect with nature and fish feeding will make anyone beam and release all tension.


When the fishes are full, it's time for us to get lunch. Lots of choices here near the boat dock such as Pig Out, Kanin Get It, and Italianni's. Of course, Starbucks is just at the corner. My husband and I enjoyed an awesome Crispy Pata at Pig Out.

Pig Out Staff. They break into cowboy dances during lunch time! :D fun fun fun

This Crispy Pata's skin is like a peking duck's. Thin, crispy, easy to eat and sinful!

Definitely coming back for more of this food and this trip. That's what you can expect from a trip to Nuvali. To know more about Nuvali and how to get there, visit