04 March 2009

Fast Casual Dining at Greenwich

Fast food chains also get a makeover, like Greenwich who recently collaborated with the hip Team Manila and Jimenez Basic. These two creative agencies together with the research group of Greenwich successfully whipped up a new dining concept - Fast Casual Dining.

I personally do not know the meaning of "fast casual dining", but based on my own discovery at the new concept store of Greenwich - it's a marriage of a fast food chain and a casual restaurant where you can take your time relaxing with friends, working on your laptop, and being treated with over-the-top customer service.

Once you enter the Greenwich store and settled your order over the counter, a staff will assist you to their new comfortable cushioned seats and hand you with a latest issue of a magazine. If you forgot to order something or want an additional item, you can call on a staff to get it for you - no need to fall in line all over again, yey! All the staff in the new concept stores are freshly trained by the Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Perfect light pizza for the summer - the Shawarma Pizza

"Best Lasagna Ever!"

Another big plus for me is their new Lasagna Recipe, like what Anne Curtis says "best lasagna ever!" it truly is. It is one of the top 5 best tasting lasagna in the Philippines and it is a big difference from the old lasagna recipe of Greenwich. The serving is finally right, on a plate with the right amount of tasty cheese that's not too heavy on the stomach. The plating subconsciously tells you to enjoy the flavorful ingredients of the lasagna slowly and not gobble it at once.

A generous serving of Greenwich Ganache

Greenwich now serves a ganache which you can enjoy with a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee. Finally! A fast food that serves tea and different types at that.

with Charisse, my highschool classmate! :)

If you want to have a good, super comfy and relaxed time with your friends, the new Greenwich stores are for you. I'm definitely coming back with my blogger friends and enjoy the free WiFi over a cup of tea :)


Azrael Coladilla said...

o nga..
the best nga yung lasagna nila.
iba yung lasa at nasobra enjoy ko bigla.

J said...

I'm a Greenwich fan myself. We always grab a box whenever we go to the grocery, remember? So tasty and very affordable. It's my first choice among the pizzerias in Manila.

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

No. 1 din para sa akin ang Lasagna nila. Affordable na masarap pa. Nakakaadik yung white sauce.

Zane Ronquillo said...

lasagna na makasalanan sa sarap at free wifi! sold ako.

LZN said...

is this the greenwich in rufino? i love how it looks like! and free wifi? wowee. very nice to hear thatt

Style and Relax said...


Tama! im eating it now na nga ulit :) You can take it home then pop it inside the microwave, yummy pa din.


Yup I remember that! :)


super free wifi! sana all greenwich stores get converted na


This is the one near Heart Center but they do have the new concept stores in Makati area din like in Valero street if I am not mistaken :)

Liza C Abad said...

I so love Greenwich Lasagna. :) whenever my friends and I go out for lunch at Greenwich, I always order for some. :) The fact that it is affordable make sit more delicious. :)

cpsanti said...

wow, nice! greenwich looks so posh! ;-)