02 January 2011

ToyWatch Philippines | Meet Your New Toy

Let me kick off 2011 with a stylish accessory to keep track of time. After all, most of us obsess about this limited resource. Time pieces from ToyWatch Philippines:

Me, I am obsessed with money, and time is the other half of it. Among all the ToyWatch designs, the ToyWatch Plasteramic or a Fluo Winter Oversized are the perfect ones according to my wrist. Actually, you don't need money to get one. ToyWatch has a Facebook Contest open to fashion photographers (newbies and enthusiasts included).

Here are the contest details: ToyWatchPhoto Contest.

FYI, I am not running this contest on this blog. Though, it's great how ToyWatch is handling their Facebook contest, not with the number of 'likes' or 'comments'.
Chrissie Chau and Sandra Bullock wears ToyWatch

I think I am joining just to beat professional contest kings and queens (insert a LOL cat here). And if I do, Chrissie Chau would be my inspiration. Not so much Sandra, because they call it "Bullock Watch" on her.

ToyWatch is available at Rustan's Gateway Mall, Shangri-la, and Makati.