11 January 2011

Home Style

I'm currently swapping fashion styling with interior decorating, and I need tons of inspiration. If our clothes reflect our moods, what more when it comes to our houses right? I am moving soon and selection is key.

I want to have a clean minimalist style of living room and the essential piece here is the TV. I want it mounted on the wall like the Panasonic TVs I saw in one of the showrooms. I don't like to see a hanging USB extension cable or HDMI cable though. So, someone tell me how I can get this look with a concrete wall to work with.
One thing I need are IKEA cable organizers, some of which can also be mounted on the wall.
And to answer my own question, there are IKEA TV benches with panels. No I am not filling my home with IKEA stuff, I am grabbing inspiration and design knowledge from their website. Unless, all their items become readily available in Manila then my problems would all be gone.

Must check out other modern furniture shops then before I get my TV :)