16 January 2011

Summer: Everything Cropped

Ironically, it's raining now as I am writing this. But yes, it's getting warmer each day and it's just January. Have we lost holiday weight yet? I don't think so.
Cropped cape?

One trend I am spotting is CROPPED. They've appeared late 2010 but I am making a brave forecast that they'd be everywhere come 2011. Though only a few brands have mastered the art of crop.

During fashion week, I made a mental note to visit Oxygen for their Altered Trend collection. This collection of soft, sheer, loose, and cropped fabric will help anyone look pounds lighter - very wearable too. I also reckon it's perfect for summer. From the lookbook, these tops can easily be worn with shorts.
I badly need to shop. Last time I bought a cropped shirt, it was perfect until after one wash - the fabric came loose and it became a normal oversized tee.