28 January 2011

Beauty: Inguinal Fold Peeling

I never imagined I would blog about my singit! Of all body parts right? I've been frequenting the clinic more often than usual. I am having my face peeled, my underarms, and now my singit or "inguinal fold" in medical terms.

That's me waiting for the doctor. Beside me is a Nanno Light Machine.. hmmm

Total cost: Php 2,900
Downtime: zero
Procedure time: 45 minutes

The procedure could not be simpler. You lie down, spread your legs, and the doctor will apply the chemical peel solution gently to the area. This is done three times and the only discomfort to expect is extreme itchiness on the last part of the procedure.

You come home with medicines to apply and cannot splash water to the area for 24 hours. I strongly suggest you bring a fan or pamaypay with you to relieve yourself during the treatment. After a week or two, you can now enjoy wearing your bikini bottom with 100% more confidence!:)

Where: Caraderme Skin Clinic