18 January 2011

Home Style: Fancy Electric Fans

I am 70% "moved" to my own house, thank you to Internet service providers who are taking years to process my application. Now I am in the process of buying furniture and appliance, I always remind myself to get interesting pieces. Not the usual. How about this retro desk fan?
This is even older than me, I assume? It looks like a fan from the Jurassic Era which makes it even more adorable! Seriously, this will fit a Victorian/Romantic themed interior design. I am dreamy of an appliance that I could start as a family heirloom. One that can be passed from one generation to the next. This could be one of those.
Well what we have here is not the Golden Globe Award but another desk fan! This is called the Fanimation Fargo Ceiling Fan. I think it can also serve as a table fan. Very fancy. It reminds me so much of a time machine, used in the movie Back to the Future.

One thing I think of though, is how dust would easily accumulate inside a fan like this. We all know how fans are dust magnets. Yet, the caging is an advantage to prevent kids or kids at heart, from poking their fingers into the fan blades.

With pieces like these, you'd have to research on how to properly care for them especially the right way to clean. Now I am split between 'modern' versus 'antique' or 'heirloom' pieces. I was at Mary Grace Cafe early today and I thought their motif was very nice and warm too.

Feel free to go to Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans website to browse through other retro and Victorian inspired Ceiling Fans :)

If you have a home to design, what theme/style would you follow?