21 January 2011

Beauty: Underarm Peel take Two

Before I got pregnant, I enjoyed having good looking armpits whose color did not include dark browns and grays. In short, pregnancy gave me dark armpits and sad to say, they don't go away after delivery.

I finally went back to Caraderme Clinic this afternoon (after checking out blog hosting providers) and saw the same dermatologist who gave me artista-looking underarms. After two years, I had underarm peeling procedure done once more - a very itchy occasion that stings like a mother. The procedure takes 30 minutes which only involves the dermatologist swabbing some peeling solution 3 or more times to the area. Each swab will become itchier but after 20 minutes or so, no more discomfort.

Cost of Procedure: 2,000
Creams, etc: 1,550
Total: 3,550

Thank you to my Santa.

Now all I have to do is follow directions carefully like dealing with website hosting. My armpits have their own AM and PM creams and must never be rubbed. I wish I get the same results as the last time.

Whenever I am at this clinic, I am tempted to get other procedures done haha :) The latest I want is a cheek thermage which costs Php 60,000, under general anesthesia, and you get a slim face after two weeks.