03 January 2011

Longchamp Apparitions

I haven’t got around buying a new bag for 2011 yet. My Santa at home has been pushing me to get one so I could already stop talking about it.

I was decided to get a Longchamp Metallic in brown until I saw they were being given away for free by this credit card company. It made me feel the same way when this pizza joint also raffled off luxury bags, and then this facial centre too.

Longchamp color guide :)

But more than it’s prestigious brand, Longchamp is the perfect companion for moms like me who want to fit the entire house in a purse. Evidence, I took Ashton (my son) this morning to The Medical City’s Pedia ER and I spotted not one but at least three Longchamp moms.

A lot of us where waiting, lots of babies ended with coughs because of New Year’s fireworks – not cool. I used my time wisely by choosing a good color and realized that a plain Le Pliage would be nice. If I just know how to work these Online Casino in my favor, I’d have all colors by now.

That, or this Eiffel Tower Longchamp Limited Edition. It actually made an apparition at the World Trade Bazaar last December, but I was wearing my thrifty hat then. I think it was around 8,000 pesos. If ever, this should be bestfriends with my Eiffel Tower notebook.

It could bring me luck in planning my trips this year, and insert other great excuses to buy another bag here.

What Longchamp bag are you rooting for this year?