11 January 2011

Fashion: Samsung Alter Ego Fashion Show | Forever 21

That's me internalizing Rachel Zoe. I get dead serious whenever I style people, especially during Samsung's Alter Ego fashion show.

I worked with two models, Rochelle from UA&P and actor/dancer Rodjun Cruz. I used clothes from Forever 21 (where I spent the entire day choosing clothes). The show was suppose to be of fashion bloggers but I think most of my usual mates were either busy or are cocooning.

This is my look number two on Rochelle. I would die for this immaculate outfit, I chose all whites and used an intricate bib necklace of pearls and lace. All from Forever 21.

My look number 2 for Rodjun. Inspiration: construction worker + sexy.

Rodjun is so game. I didn't know he actually flashed his abs which I requested him to do behind the stage.

I didn't win. Can you believe it? just kidding! I wish someone snapped a photo of my "daring look". Thank you to my friend Alex Dizon for sharing the photos on Facebook :)