18 January 2011

Fashion: Ready, Jetset, Pacsafe!

I cannot count with my two hands how many times I waste in searching for my wallet, passport, and cards whenever I travel. Don't you get the worst panic pangs when you can't seem to find your passport on board the plane? My inner voice keeps telling me to check my purse again for my passport, tickets, and immigration forms. I am nervous like that.

Pacsafe has made travel better for clumsy (yet fasionne) people like me. Look how the Coversafe pouch can wrap around the waist and has the perfect compartments for passports, money, tickets, and credit cards. When worn:

It's also available in black but this "tan" color looks more travel-chic. Aside from preventing misplacement of important items, Pacsafe travel accessories are all theft-proof. God forbid that I experience robbery in a foreign city but all Pacsafe items are made of the eXomesh anti-theft technology. A strong wire mesh woven together using lightweight, flexible, high-tensile stainless steel cables. The wire makes it harder for thieves to cut through the material and keeps the contents of your bags in place.

Here's another one of Pacsafe's anti-theft travel gears called Wrapsafe. Have you heard travel horror stories of other persons slipping something illegal into your luggage? That one is on top of my head everytime I check my baggage in. I use anything I can find like paper clips that I curl to secure my luggage zippers. This product would look more decent though :)

You can find Pacsafe at Rustan’s Department Store, The Travel Club, Bratpack, R.O.X., Duty Free – Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack – Naia 3, Hahn Manila, Urban Athletics, Islands & More,
Lonely Planet, Pacsports, Le Grand Boutique – Naia 3 and selected SM Department Store/s.

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