14 October 2008

Hair Color Story - Step by Step Hair Coloring

Before After

With the help of our local hair dresser, here are simple steps in coloring your hair! It's always best to grab a friend for help, it's tricky to evenly color your hair by yourself.

Step 1: Mix the hair color out of the box, use a comb with a brush at the back. Similar to what hair dressers use. If not available, you can use a flat single row comb that has thin spaces in between. Gather your hair on the top of your head by using a clamp.

Step 2: Color you hair in sections, around 4 sections starting at the bottom part of your hair. Work your way up until you reach the front section. Brush remaining mixture all over your hair. Gather your hair again to the top and secure with a clamp. Waiting time begins here.

Step 3: After 40 minutes to 1 hour, touch your hair with the palm of your hand. If color sticks on your hand, you have to wait longer. If no color sticks on your hand and it becomes oily, then you are ready to wash your hair.

Step 4: When washing your hair, do not forget to finish it off with the conditioner which comes with the hair coloring kit. Thoroughly wash the hair color mixture off of your hair with water.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair so that the color is secured, to dry your hair faster - you can do this in front or beside an electric fan. This is the last step and you will now see the results. Your hair color will become more obvious after 2-3 days (based on experience). It is suggested to skip washing your hair for the next 24 hours.

For some reasons, hair coloring makes your hair look more shiny and vibrant :)

Hair Color Used : Revlon Color Silk - Light Brown

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