27 October 2008

Caraderme Clinic

It doesn't hurt to become beautiful but sometimes, stress takes it toll on us and overtime work creates skin damage you wouldn't have imagined! Finding a great dermatologist who can make miracles happen that won't wipe out your wallet is hard. Well, I suggest that you try Dra. Gatmaytan of Caraderme Clinic.

Caraderme Clinic at Makati

The first time I heard of Dra. Gatmaytan and her Caraderme clinic was in GirlTalk forum. A lot of women are raving on how Dra. Gatmaytan improved their skin, mostly their backs that have suffered from acne.

Some creams from Caraderme, including the Body Cream which should be stored inside the refrigerator to keep them cold.

Who wouldn't rejoice at the fact that after 4 weeks, you'll get your own sexy back that you can show off on the beach? I myself have tried it and it's like a miracle.

Dra. Gatmaytan also offers other services such as Diamond Peels, Chemical Peels, Face Cleaning, and everything else for a beautiful new you.

Right now, I am trying her face treatment that makes your face red and cause peeling for about 2 weeks. Caraderme has a website at the complete list of services and prices are published here, together with their contact details. In Caraderme, you don't have to fall in line or wait for hours, you have to call for an appointment and come on time.

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utotmopink said...

gurl, i totally agree with you.. in fact, i have a similar post about dra. gatmaytan here:

Style and Relax said...

thank you @utotmopink! :)

im checking out your post now ^^

Dinah said...

hi lace, thanks for the these tips! will surely to try para i can flaunt my [mommy]body this summer.

suzaku_lace said...


good luck sexy! :D

Monique said...

hello, im monique, im interested in your product (acne cream) for my back, where can i bought it? can i have your contact number,, thanks

suzaku_lace said...

Hi Monique,

Please go to
for more information and the address where you can buy the body cream :)

Mot said...

sobrang ok yan si dra.rose..been a client for almost 10 peeling yung first na ginawa sa akin....and sobrang wow naman im into my acne na:( ..") heheheh...And take note sya talga ang gagalaw ng face mo ..hindi assistant nya..Affordable pa:)