29 October 2008

Balloon Shirt Dress + Beaded Necklace

If you've noticed how the previous photos in Style and Relax have no faces, it's because I originally planned to maintain this blog faceless and nameless. At a networking event, I realized how it would be tough to market and promote a blog if I continue doing so - I mean, headless or blurry faced.

If you don't know yet, here's me and my recycled outfit at the networking night :)

Its a balloon shirt dress with a gartered seam at the bottom. It crunches the fabric, hence the balloon effect. In a rush, the safest bottom to wear it with was black leggings or tights.

I threw in an old beaded necklace with earthy colors for the outfit to have a new look. Luckily, it worked! Without the necklace, the outfit would look too plain or like a Peter Pan costume!

If you have an old outfit, try reinventing it with accessories and you'll save both on time and money.