28 October 2008

Bag Organizer - Switch Bags in Seconds!

I have so much unused bags that rot in the closet, I'm lazy to transfer my stuff from one bag to the next. Hence, I end up just using one bag all the time.

Bag organizers are not new but I just discovered that they are available now in department stores. You don't need to order them in multiply or wait for a tiangge or bazaar to spot them.

I remember seeing them once in a bazaar and the price was a hefty P500 for one bag organizer. This one, I saw at SM department store for only P180.00, it looks quiet a bit different from the usual bag organizers that are foldable. This organizer is like a bag that you put inside a bag. There are multiple pockets or sections so you don't have to reach all over your bag for your lipstick or mobile phone. I hate it when things mysteriously disappear inside my bag, only to know they are just inside tucked in one dark corner of the bag. Whew.

Also, I guess bag organizers are good for your bag's health since it would protect the real bag from scratches or spills from powder, perfume, etc. Good eh?

The only thing I don't like about it are the handles, maybe it's better to cut them up as I would imagine they might stick out of the real bag.


Liza said...

wow, I like it. :)

will you buy one for me?

Style and Relax said...


hi! liza, let's see on christmas :)

thanks for dropping by!