16 October 2008

Hunt for the Shiny Leggings - Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings

Do you know where to get these shiny latex leggings that Ashley Olsen is wearing?

I do! After some eye-popping research, I've found out that they are called the Kova & T Oxy Latex leggings. They look hot to wear but they look so cool!

The pair can be bought online, if you google Kova & T, there are a lot of international online stores that carry them. They are also available in Ebay ( I hope they are the real ones though ).

Prices are around Php 2,500 to Php 5,000.

Look at these Balenciaga Stretch Leather Leggings:

Damage - US$ 1,000 ++ at Ebay

If you have these Kova or Balenciaga leggings, what would you wear them with?


Prima Dons And Donnas said...

You can get quality leggings at They have around 10 differnt styles of latex leggings at good prices