05 October 2008

Tea Time!

Is your boyfriend, boss, husband or anyone stressing you out and you just want to get away from it all?

Take a deep breath and consider this quick escape that's good for both mind and body.

Ever since ancient china, people have been drinking different types of tea. This explains the many tea cups and pots complete with their majestic designs that are unearthed after thousands of years.

The ritual of tea making is relaxing as it is, the images of flowing water and rising steam, the light tea leaves floating on your tea cup - it can take your worries away and let you focus on this calming experience.

Find yourself a nice spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Some place quiet with openings to let the air touch your face, maybe a place where you can see some trees or greens as well. Open up your windows and bask in this "me" time.

It doesn't matter if your tea is instant, it will wake your brain up (caffeine) and let you consider things more carefully. Should you dump him, should you resign, etc. you can think of these slowly with a clearer mind during tea time.

Tea time gives yourself an opportunity to center your thoughts, just like in Yoga. Also, there is a saying that in silence, you will find the answer. If you are just starting this ritual, have a sweet cookie with you or even a piece of chocolate - it will add sweetness to the bitter taste of tea and give you a more enjoyable experience.

Tea is alright without sugar or milk, how do you prepare or intend to prepare your tea? I drink tea everywhere, do you have a special spot for tea time?