26 October 2008

How to Use Bendy Rollers and Curlers

bendy rollers curlers
I have been looking for these bendy rollers, also known as bendy curlers. Luckily, I found them in Watsons as SM Mall of Asia for around Php 200 +. It was my first time to use them and here's how to use bendy rollers to achieve lovely curls overnight!

how to use bendy rollers
Step 1: Take the bendy rollers or curlers out of the box. Section your hair into two. Work on one side first. If you want to achieve large and big curls, then roll a thick part of your hair into one bendy curler. You can achieve big curls if you will use 4-5 bendy rollers on each side of your hair.

For smaller and tighter curls, roll hair thinly on each bendy. You can use 6 bendy rollers on each side of your hair.

Step 2: To secure the bendy rollers, bend their tips upward. Make the ends meet so that your hair won't fall or the rollers won't become loose. The tighter you secure them the better. Leave them on as you sleep or for approximately 6 hours.

If you are in a rush, blow dry your hair while they are curled into bendy rollers. Do not concentrate the blow drier on the rollers, just ensure that your hair is absolutely dry.

bendy rollers and curlers

Step 3: Remove the rollers by unbending the ends, pull them out slowly. Tada! You can now enjoy your instant curls!

Practice makes perfect, you can also try to part your hair on the side and not in the middle. To make curls last, blow dry them. NEVER comb your hair, just use your fingers to toss and style them.


Liza said...

wow... I want to buy one too. :)

lianne said...

Hmmm.. I've been longing to have curly hair. Are they easy to use?

garyshack said...

This is exactly what my mom used to let me get from her drawers back then. lol

Yes,keep on visiting my blog that I am not proud of. hehehe here. :)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

pwede kaya yan sa buhok ko?!?! :D hehehe... mahaba na eh.. :D wahehehe

Style and Relax said...


Yes they are very easy to use but its hard to sleep with them on your hair.


hey gary! thanks for visiting :)


hala, hindi bagay men! *lol*