12 October 2008

A Rene Barbier Experience - Relax and Enjoy with Wines

Here's a great and luxurious way to wash your worries away with. Wine drinking feels rather classy, you can enjoy it alone or with friends - it doesn't matter because it makes you feel better and relaxed no matter what.

rene barbier wine
It's good for your health (heart) and not to mention, wines look good on you! Just be careful not to stain your dress.

Based on experience from the Rene Barbier wine appreciation night, the best wine to lift up your spirit and make you feel bubbly are white sparkling wines like the Rene Barbier Petillant White Pearl wine. The aroma and taste are not too strong and it's a great companion in maintaining a long conversation with friends. Sparkling white wine are best served chilled, it is so smooth that you barely notice how much you have consumed.

rene barbier wines
Traditional or classic red wine has a strong aroma, full fruity taste, and is preferred to be served warm. I can see this wine being served for serious dinners - for serious wine fans. Try the Rene Barbier Classic Merlot + Tempranillo.

It's very nice to drink and enjoy wines alone, in your own time. While listening to your favorite music, or feel like somewhere elegant by listening to classical light or classical crossovers - the experience is nirvanic.

rene barbier wine appreciation night
Thank you to Rene Barbier wines for hosting the wine appreciation night!