19 November 2008

3 Things for the Lips

It's been months since I bought a lip balm because they always fail me. You know how some lip balms or glosses make your lips even flakier, leave a white film like dead lip skin that you end up pulling out causing blisters, or make your lips too gluey and sticky? You get the picture.

Finally found good lip products this week, plus just a cute purchase to make me happy.

Nivea Essential Night - keeps your lips hydrated and pretty at night even while you sleep. I have been using it for 2 days and I thinks it's great. I don't see white flakes of dryness on my lips when I wake up and even the entire day. Now I use it even at day time when I am at home :) It says on the instruction that you'd have to reapply every 5 hours but one application lasts me the whole day as in NO DRY LIPS at all. Thrifty!

Nivea Care Gloss and Shine (Pink Star) - Love the color and it's not sticky or too glossy. One dot is enough if you want natural pink looking lips. It's best for days out of the house, it doesn't cause white flakes too (like some lip balms/gloss) and it actually moisturizes so it's not just the natural shine you get.

It also has an anti-UV ingredient which is a big plus! I applied it every 3 hours on my test run because I was addicted in putting it on immaculately on my lips.

Peppermint + Mirror - I just read about them in forums and blogs, I told myself they are useless but on a bad day, I just had to buy it! There are tons of mint candies inside that'll give you instant breath freshness and the mirror is of a handy size, found it useful when applying the Nivea Care Gloss. Happiness!


eMz said...

this kinda reminds me of my lipbalm addiction. hehe!

Style and Relax said...

Hi Emz! :)