11 November 2008

Hello, Tommy.

It's been 10 years since I wore a watch, until today when I got this reversible Tommy Hilfiger.

When I saw my sister sporting branded watches, I told myself I'd only wear branded watches - until I can afford one. I didn't buy this one, it is heaven sent. Thanks be to God.

Although it is not Tissot or Rolex, Tommy is still Hilfiger - if you know what I mean.

Here it is. It is reversible, the leather strap could be white or navy red. I also wore the fresh sea pearl necklace my partner gave me. Freebies, I love them.


minaru said...

Aww my gosh, gorgeous watch sis!

Style and Relax said...

Thank you Minaru! :)

I think it is beautiful too. This is my one and only watch at the moment.

Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

nice watch!