13 November 2008

Spotted: The Perfect Gladiator Sandals

Since opening this blog, my fashion third eye has awoken and everywhere I go I see nice clothes, shoes, and commend every woman for looking good.

I almost fell from my seat and choked on my McChicken sandwich when I saw this. Gladiator sandals were a trend before and now they made a come-back. They were never really extinct but I reckon that the fashion now blends well with this type of casual shoes.

If I was gutsy enough and if my face was not peeling like a zombie's (skin treatment), I would have asked the lady where she got it. But I didn't, so do you know where I can get these? :)

I've seen a handful of gladiators but most of them are OA or over-acting, this one is just right. Not standard but not overwhelming, it's perfect.


melody maker said...

I think it is from Celine. :)