26 November 2008

On Brazilian Wax

First, Brazilian wax is not for everyone but some people like me prefer going bare down there. It's very fortunate that in Manila, Brazilian wax services are now being offered like an ordinary haircut.

Brazilian wax means everything would be waxed off your delicate area and this could be a very painful yet rewarding experience. Although, you gotta be very careful and choosy as to which salon you'd go to. Let me tell you a story from last week. Click on read more below :)

I was with a friend at this salon and I saw that they were offering Brazilian waxing. I am scheduled to go to this more popular joint but was a bit excited that day and opted to get the service done at the salon we were currently at. I asked the reception if they've been doing this many times with different customers and they said yes. It took about 20 minutes for them to prepare and I was asked to wash at the comfort room.

At first, it was great - I saw they had the correct waxing tools like the heater and the generic waxing cloths. The pain was bearable since I use to do this torture by myself and then came the surprising part. I wasn't really looking so I did not know if any hair was left unwaxed until the staff told me. She said that she'll just tweeze off the wax off my skin and get some unwaxed hair. It was okay but I didn't realize she left a lot of hair down there! I asked her if there are many and she said not much but I was lying there being plucked out like a helpless chicken. I so wanted to complain but my vajayjay was at her mercy so I just smiled and endured the torture. After a lot of painful tweezing, she said if I would like for her to try to just "thread" the unwaxed hair. What it's not yet over???

And she did thread away for like another 20 minutes. This story is very painful for me to write and I just wanted to eat a cow after that brazilian wax.

The only good part is I got the waxing done and down there looks pretty normal, it'll sound weird but I love it.

So, the lesson is choose a reputable salon for Brazilian wax, get referrals and ask friends where they have their Brazilian wax done. I already knew this but I was bored at that time and couldn't think of any other service to get.

After 2 weeks, I'd try the famous salon in Makati that specializes in Brazilian wax.


jillsabs said...

ouch! tweezing and plucking in the genital area?! talk about torture :(

you're really better off at lay bare, they're experts at waxing.

Style and Relax said...


Wow it's kikay exchange! :) yes I had to endure all that gory pain x.x

Thanks for your blog post about Lay Bare, will try it there next time.

Anonymous said...

sagot ko dito isa lang.


Style and Relax said...


Thanks for dropping by
Le Fabuleux destin d'Clémentine Kruczinsky! :)

Melay said...

i am planning to have wax masakit ba tlaga? it will be my first time please help where ba ako makakita ng best salon for this.